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Product Details

Combine Island Freezer
Product Details:
  • Model Number: 20DG15
  • Brand Name: DCBH
  • Certification: CE.ROHS.GS
  • Capacity:
  • Unit Size: 1500*760*860
  • Packing Size:
  • Weight:
  • Loading(20"/40GP/40HQ"):
  • HS Code: 84185000
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Combine Island Freezer


◆ Overall foamed cabinet, better in temperature preservation and more energy-saving. (saving unneccessary expense for you).

◆ Multi-wind-curtain technique creates more uniform and stable wind curtain, faster cooling speed, less heat exchange and more stable inner temperature of the cabinet.

◆ All 4 sides of the cabinet is equipped with transparant glass, which gives bigger display area and more prominent display effect, enhancing customers’purchase desire.

◆ Humanized design makes it convenient for customers to fetch goods during shopping.

◆ Evaporator is enlarged to increase heat exchange efficiency, which makes temperature reduce more quickly, temperature become lower and the cabinet be more energy-saving.

◆ Computer digital controlled thermostat and defrosting on demand make the operating temperature more uniform, ensuring food not to be soften. Frost will be melted, while frozen food won’t.

◆ Extra-thick temperature preservation material (foamed sheet), saving more energy and electricity.

◆ Night energy-saving lid is equipped for night use and other non-business hours, which furtherly helps to save electric energy and reduce the use cost.

Name No.          Size(L* W*H)mm Power Supply Temperature(℃)
Combine DG-F   20G-15   1500*760*860     220V/380V/50HZ ≤-18
Combine DG-F  20G-20   2000*760*860   220V/380V/50HZ ≤-18